Warranty and Care Policy


Carnival Cabinets, LLC warrants the original consumer purchaser that our Cabinetry will be free from unnatural defects in material and workmanship under normal use and proper care for the period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of the original purchase.  This Limited Warranty applies only to the Original Purchaser and is not transferable to any other party.

Warranty Coverage

Limited 1-Year Warranty on Cabinets and on Drawer Slides to the original purchasing consumer from the date of original purchase that the cabinets will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and proper care. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Hinges to the original purchasing consumer as long as they own the product.  We warrant that the drawer slides and hinges shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

This warranty does not apply to any damage that has occurred due to normal wear, accident, misuse, or improper handling of the cabinetry.  Cabinetry that is stored or placed in excessive moisture or extreme temperatures will not be covered under this warranty.  This warranty does not apply to cabinetry that has been altered or modified.  Cabinetry is constructed from solid wood and wood veneers on plywood.  Wood characteristics that naturally occur, such as variations in color, grain, mineral streaks and knots are not considered material defects.  Color variations and color softening in cabinets are a natural occurrence due to species, age, character of cabinets as well as exposure to UV light, sunlight, smoke, household cleaners, and other environmental conditions.  For these reasons, replacement cabinets and/or accessories may not match the existing cabinets and such variations are not deemed material defect under this warranty.

Cabinet Care & Cleaning

  • In order to maintain and protect the original beauty of the cabinets, clean at least once a month by gently wiping the surface of the cabinets with a soft, clean, damp cloth. Allow the cabinets to air dry.
  • Do NOT use kitchen cloths or sponges that have abrasive surfaces, detergent or grease on them.
  • Use common dishwashing liquids (not detergents) to remove grease or soil. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Dry the cabinet thoroughly.
  • Under routine kitchen use, the cabinets around the sink, range, oven, baseboards and dishwasher may become damp with splashes from water or spills. Its IMPORTANT to immediately dry the excess moisture to prevent damage to the finish of the cabinetry.
  • Never use cleaners containing bleach, ammonia or abrasives on your cabinetry. The substances will damage the cabinet finish.
  • Touch up scratches and dings on cabinetry with a touch-up marker.
  • In the event that scratches and dings are still visible after using a touch-up marker, use a filler pencil. Fill in the scratch by rubbing the pencil over the scratched area and wiping away the excess with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Do NOT use sandpaper or any other type of abrasive paper or material in attempt to even out a scratch. The abrasives will damage the finish on the cabinet. 
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